Useful Tips about How to Search on Google More Effectively

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How to Search on Google More Effectively

A majority of people use Google search per day for different reasons. Professionals use it for work while Students and businessmen use it for their respective purposes. But most people may not be known with the right search methods to use Google to its full potential. Want to use Google search effectively and get the search results quickly?

Here are useful Google search tips to maximize search efficiency:

Use Tabs

The first tip is about using tabs in Google search. You will see Tabs on the top of every search – Web, Image, News, and More. Tabs define kind of search you need to do so you can use them to filter your search. Like, if you need images use Image tab, and so on.

Some people are usual with tabs already. But for those who are not, it is advised to use tabs to get better search results. Your search time can get shorten if you utilize tabs properly.

Use Quotes

Try using quotes if you are searching for something specific to minimize the guesswork for Google search. Using quotes in search parameters tells search engine to return results relevant to the whole phrase.

For example, if you search for best tech support in USA, the search engine will search for content that contains those five words in any order.

While if you search “best tech support in USA”, it will search for that exact phrase to return more accurate results. Use quotes as effective Google search tip to get specific information that may not show up if not properly sorted.

Use Hyphen – Exclude Words

It happens sometimes that what you are searching may be not clear and Google may return vague results as well. Like you are searching for Apple that is both phone brand and a fruit. When you search for Apple on Google, it may show you the information based on phone and fruit. To make this not to happen, use hyphen for exact search results and cut the other information off the search results.

i.e. Apple -phone

It suggests search engine to search for Apple fruit and remove any results having word “phone” in it. This Google search hack and trick is of great help to get accurate results without getting additional information.

Search Specific Websites :Use Colon

There are chances when you need to search on Google for content or article belonging to specific website. Following is the syntax to help you search specific website based content.

  • Michael Phelps site:

This will search for swimwear product line from elite swimmer Micheal Phelps. Rest of the search results will be discarded. If you are looking for specific content from a particular site, this is the hack you can use.

Find Pages that Link to Other Pages

This search trick is a little vague. Because, instead of searching for a specific page, you search for a page that redirects to a specific page.
Think about it like – If you want to check who refer The Sunday Times blog on their site, you should use this hack to get those websites that link to The Sunday Times. The syntax follows:


That will show up all pages that connect to The Sunday Times website. The URL on right side can be anything.

Keep in mind, though, that more specific your search phrase is, more filtered results you’ll get. We are aware that not many people will likely use this Google search hack, yet it is very useful and highly recommended to get accurate search results.

Final Thoughts

Google search is a very powerful tool. Using tips mentioned above, you can search for anything you need on the World Wide Web.

Whether it is using Wikipedia for school essay project, or want to know latest stock prices, or even looking for song lyrics, there is a way to make Google search better work for you.

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