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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Nerds is a tech support service provided by our fully-vetted and background checked team of technicians. In addition to a complete range of tech installation and support services, we also offer online support for issues that can be resolved. We’re making technology simple.

The technicians at Hello Nerds are certified and come from recognized technology backgrounds. As well as they are experienced and professionals. Rest assured as we hand select our technicians. We employ them only after they have been vetted and demonstrate their knowledge through a series of skill assessments.

Each technician undergoes a complete background check to ensure your safety and work reliability.
Certified Hello Nerds technicians offer support for electronic products and gadgets. They assist you to fix your problem onsite & in-store.
If it is related to technology, we surely assist you to mend it. Got a new device? We make you learn how to use it. We are good at detaching or eliminating threats, accelerating computers, setting up updates, and troubleshooting wireless networks.
Hello Nerds is a Canada-based IT solution provider and our highly expert technicians are US-based as well.
Yes. On your request, Hello Nerds provides on-site support as well, along with in-store support for a quick issue resolution.

Hello Nerds offers technical help for all computers and computer-related devices for your business. This inclusion is not limited to desktops, laptops, servers, monitors, smartphones, tablets, routers, network appliances, modems, network adapters, digital cameras, software applications, printers, multi-function machines, scanners, and networked electronics.

Some common issues, that Hello Nerds supports, include but are not limited to:

  • System Threat Removal
  • PC Tune-Up (fixing computer slowness)
  • Software Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Internet Connectivity – computers, smartphones, tablets, routers
  • Home Networking – wireless and wired
  • Printer/Multifunctional Printer/Scanner Installation and Troubleshooting
  • General Computer Issues – PC and Mac
  • Email related help
  • Data Backup
  • Technical Questions and Guidance
  • Network Appliances and more
The time to resolve a problem varies as per the nature and severity of the problem. A resolution of an essential issue may take as meager as ten minutes, although most issues will take longer than that. More complex issues probably require an hour or more relying upon assortment of factors. Hello Nerds works as productive as expected under the circumstances to determine issues and answer questions.
Nope. There are no additional fees.
Immediately. Simply call (888) 878-0593 after you purchase Individual, Business, or Enterprise Plan of Hello Nerds.
Stay assured, as we cover desktop, personal computer, laptops, printers, tablets, and smartphones regardless of age or brand.
This is not the case as we provide support services for PCs and Laptops, regardless of brand and operating system.
A laptop or desktop system includes the computer, as well peripherals such as computer monitor, keyboard (wired or wireless), mouse (wired or wireless), external broadband modem or non-commercial router (wired or wireless).
The plan is non-transferable. Service Coverage applies to one device or system in your primary residence, belonging to you or someone in your house.
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) and debit cards (debit card must have a Visa or MasterCard logo to be accepted). We do not accept cash, cheque or money order.
No. Please do not pay or provide payment details to our technician. Payment will be applied to your credit card on file. We do NOT accept any other forms of payment such as cash or cheque.
No tip is necessary. But feel free to thank them for doing a great job.
We offer a fixed base price for each service. Additional charges for extras are offered for some services. You’ll receive an exact quote while booking our services.
You can call Hello Nerds, and let our Support representative know that you would like to update your credit card/payment information for your Tech Support membership.
Hello Nerds takes extraordinary measures to ensure that all customer data is stored securely and that card information is transferred in the most secure way possible. Hello Nerds also maintains PCI compliance which is the industry standard for credit card security practices.
Yes, it does and offers webinars on wide computer areas including hardware, software, programming, networking, database management, and more. You can call us on (888) 878-0593 for further details.
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