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TV Wall Mount Installation

Starts At Only $79.99

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Get instant and reliable TV wall mounting services at your doorstep. We understand your concern about the best viewing experience and find a suitable mounting space so you can have maximum visibility and convenience. Whether you just bring home a new TV or need our service for office wall mounting and installation, we ensure the right height and angle with full cable concealment for tidy and refined view. Just purchased a brand new, 4K high definition television, bring it all the way back to your home or office, and realize that it would give better display mounted on the wall than sitting on a table? No worry - Hello Nerds is here to take care of things for you.

Services Include:
  • Bracket Installation and Mounting the TV
  • Connect TV with Necessary Audio/Video Components
  • Conceal Wires with Wire Molding to Keep Area Tidy
  • Configure Associated Peripheral Devices with TV
  • In-wall or external cord concealment is available for additional cost

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What I need to do before my TV Mounting appointment?

    Select a spot on the wall to mount the TV. Our pro can help you identify the best spot based on the power outlet location, the wall stud location (to support the weight of your TV), and where you plan to sit and watch the TV. Also, please keep the area clean where the TV will be mounted. If you need assistance moving furniture, please let our tech know so they can help you. Lastly, make sure TV cord is enough to reach electrical outlet.

  • Q: What's included with the TV Mounting service?

    • Installing TV mount brackets. If you do not buy brackets from Hello Nerds, please make sure you buy the right TV mounts before your booking is scheduled.
    • Mounting the TV
    • Testing of the hardware
    • Any additional services you buy (e.g. dressing cords, connecting external devices, etc.)

  • Q: How do I know what type of wall I have?

    You can easily check this by knocking on the wall. If it sounds hollow, your wall is most likely wood, plaster, or drywall. If you do not hear any echo, your wall is probably concrete or brick.

  • Q: How long will it take to mount my TV?

    A basic TV mount job on drywall will take our tech less than 1.5 hours to do. Various factors can lengthen the duration it takes to finish the task, such as install on brick walls or dismount your existing TV. You can expect a more complex job to take around 2-3 hours to finish.

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  • Quick and efficient services by knowledgeable people. They responded to my query in a quick time and guided me properly until my issue completely resolved. Really nice fellows and their assistance was of great help to me.

    - Jenifer P.

  • The technicians reached at my location on time and after a brief discussion with me regarding the problem that was about printer not performing up to the expectations, they took up things in their hands and after a while, I got the printer back to work properly.

    - Shaun D.

  • I liked the supportive behavior of the tech guy on other side of phone, he was quite patient and listened to my issue to the full. His guidance proved quite valuable as well as I’m happy getting my PC working again.

    - Peter A.

  • The tech guy was very courteous and did an excellent job. He was neat and very professional in his approach. Great service from Hello Nerds. I would highly recommend the support provider to my friends, thanks!

    - Christian L.

  • Hello Nerds tech was punctual and amazing. He provided support in a friendly manner. I have never had such a good service, just perfect! I cannot say enough positive things about him. A wonderful experience.

    - Amanda P.

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