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Data Recovery and Backup

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Experts at Hello Nerds backup all your files to cloud storage or an external hard drive, securing your critical data, no matter what. Need to transfer data to a new computer? Thinking how to transfer data from one computer to another? Hello Nerds has you covered, moving your files between PC and Mac computers or performing PC to PC data transfers. We take care of every aspect of your data transfer, including local files, folders, data on an external hard drive, items stored in Google Drive or other cloud storage. Our techs can assist you to transfer pictures and documents from one computer to another. Get help to back up your data today!

Services Include:
  • Identify critical data to back up or recovery
  • Choose the right backup & recovery solutions
  • Backup data to an external hard drive
  • Backup data to the cloud
  • This service does not include data recovery from damaged drives

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How fast can you restore the lost data from backup?

    Restore time equals downtime that can greatly affect your company’s bottom line. Our technicians help restore data in a time frame that meets your business requirements.

  • Q: Do you have a provision for offsite storage of backups?

    Even the best on-site solutions will be of waste in the events like fire or disaster that destroys your source data and backup copies. Our experts ensure you have offsite copies of backups.

  • Q: Is your backup solution manual or automated?

    Several backup solutions require manual processes such as rotating external hard drives or changing tapes. On the occasion when the individual accountable for this process is off-site or forgets to perform the task, the process of backup is greatly compromised. Our specialists make sure your backup solution is as automated as possible.

  • Q: How much does your Data Backup and Recovery services cost?

    The service of data back up and recovery depends on several factors, depending on those the cost of the service is decided.

What our Clients are saying

  • Quick and efficient services by knowledgeable people. They responded to my query in a quick time and guided me properly until my issue completely resolved. Really nice fellows and their assistance was of great help to me.

    - Jenifer P.

  • The technicians reached at my location on time and after a brief discussion with me regarding the problem that was about printer not performing up to the expectations, they took up things in their hands and after a while, I got the printer back to work properly.

    - Shaun D.

  • I liked the supportive behavior of the tech guy on other side of phone, he was quite patient and listened to my issue to the full. His guidance proved quite valuable as well as I’m happy getting my PC working again.

    - Peter A.

  • The tech guy was very courteous and did an excellent job. He was neat and very professional in his approach. Great service from Hello Nerds. I would highly recommend the support provider to my friends, thanks!

    - Christian L.

  • Hello Nerds tech was punctual and amazing. He provided support in a friendly manner. I have never had such a good service, just perfect! I cannot say enough positive things about him. A wonderful experience.

    - Amanda P.

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