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Technology For Seniors:

Bringing Seniors in Canada Closer to Their Families

In the fast-paced world, keeping up with the changing technologies can be intimidating, especially for senior citizens. Well, you are not alone here. Our professional superheroes at HelloNerds are just one call away. We fix slowed-down computers to trippy WiFi connections and much more. Don't let the entertainment stop for you as we set up Netflix on your computer and smartphone so you can get along with the rest of the world. We help you transfer your personal files, pictures, videos, music, programs, etc., to the cloud, so all your data will be safe and secure. We have hundreds of seniors who love us on our client list. Our experts work with you patiently and give you long-term solutions.

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Email: For Seamless Communication!

Our experts help you set up your email so you can connect with your loved ones with ease. We understand that seniors can find it overwhelming. Therefore, we are here to do the heavy lifting. We offer various services in Waterloo, Kitchener, Ontario & other locations in Canada.

  • Setting up a new email account
  • Help you integrate it into your phone and computer device.
  • Integrate with different apps for seamless communication
  • Secure your email from cyber-threats

Mobile & Home Phone Services for Seniors in Ontario

In our fast-paced life, it is essential to keep in touch with people, especially when they are senior citizens. Phones are one of those magnificent devices that help us stay connected with our families. Therefore, we are here to help you set up new mobile & home phone services for seniors.

  • New mobile phone set-up services
  • New home phone set-up services
  • Complete phone installation services
  • Mobile backup services

Scanner & Fax Help in Canada

Setting up & installing a printer is a lot of work, even for people like us. Imagine the plight of seniors when it comes to setting up the printer , installing drivers , and making the printer work. Hence, we offer the best printer, scanner & fax tech assistance in Canada.

  • Printer, scanner & fax setup & installation services
  • Remote printer tech assistance
  • Printer troubleshooting services
  • Printer repair services

Internet & WiFi Connectivity

Internet is a tool that helps us connect with our loved ones no matter where in the world they live. That is what seniors need to stay in touch. Therefore, we are here to help them with installing WiFi & setting up a stable internet connection.

  • Establish WiFi connections for printers, laptops, and other devices.
  • Troubleshoot slow connections & dropouts
  • Setup stable & fast WiFi connections
  • Eliminate WiFi dead spots in your home

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What our Customers are saying

See what our customers have to say about the services that they've experienced
from our expert technicians.

The tech guy was very courteous and did an excellent job. He was neat and very professional. Hello Nerds offers top-notch tech help for seniors. I would highly recommend the support provider to my friends. Thanks..

David L.

5.0 Out of 5

Quick and efficient service by knowledgeable people. They provide the best in-home tech support for seniors and took almost no time in resolving my issue. I am forever grateful to the Hello Nerds team..

Jenifer P.

5.0 Out of 5

The technicians reached my location on time. They listened to all the problems my parents were facing patiently and gave them the best long-term solutions. If you are looking for tech help for seniors, they are the best..

Eric D.

5.0 Out of 5

They were very supportive and patient with my mother. They listened to every issue she was facing with her WiFi and delivered the best results. I highly recommend them if you are looking for in-home tech support.

Peter A.

5.0 Out of 5

When it comes to tech help for seniors, I only trust Hello Nerds. They are punctual, professional, and deliver long-term results without breaking a sweat. They are the best.

Amanda D.

5.0 Out of 5

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