Why Android Users Must Install Mozilla Firefox Now!

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Mozilla Firefox 85

Although new entries in the mobile browser category have made the competition tough for Mozilla Firefox yet it is evolving like a beast to rise over others. More particularly for the Android mobile users, Firefox is rapidly growing into something pretty intriguing. Continuing the series of evolution to be smarter, Mozilla is now making it easier for Android users to install supported recommendation extensions on the firefox browser.

The new Firefox 85 is all set to release on 25th January 2021, which will allow Android users to install supported extensions directly from the addons.mozilla.org (AMO) page. Previously they could install extensions only from the Add-ons Manager, which was different from the desktop installation process and hence tended to create confusion for those who use Firefox on desktop. They are also planning to enable the installation button on AMO during regularly scheduled updates. These buttons are supposed to work for the users who are using the current version of Firefox for Android i.e., released before version 85.

This new update is expected to provide a smooth installation experience to Android users. For example, now users will be able to install the “Web Archives” extension that allows them to view archived and cached versions of Web pages up to over 10 search engines. There are a number of other extensions that can be now easily installed in the android version of firefox. The “Ghostery” extension that blocks ads & trackers and the “Dark Reader” extension that provides a night reading mode for all websites, can now be installed in the Android Firefox browser.

The new Firefox 85 will also let users to disable homepages and tab overrides. Even browsing data API will be available in this new Firefox version. It has also fixed errors that trigger when an extension changes permission during an update. Mozilla also added that they are working to optimize add-on performances on mobile which will be released in the coming months.

Those who are not using Firefox now can install it easily from the google play store. Here we have sighted how to install Mozilla Firefox on Android Mobiles.

Step 1: Go to the Firefox download page and tap on the ‘GooglePlay’ button.

Step 2: The Firefox page will open. 


Step 3: Tap on the ‘Install’ button to start the installation process.


Step 4: Agree to the permissions when appears to begin the download process

Step 5: Once the downloading completes, tap on the ‘Open’ button.

And you are set to browse with all new Mozilla Firefox browser now. 

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