6 Ways for More Productive Work from Home with Microsoft 365

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Businesses globally are embracing remote work and there’s no doubt we’re stepping into the future we all were imagining once. Work from home will no longer be an option as some of the businesses are already determined to migrate 70% of their workforce to remote work permanently. The businesses that adopted remote work not by choice but by force are taking the new setting as the business as usual with the right technology in place.
Speaking of technology, Microsoft develops its latest workplace solutions anticipating the future of work with the aim to empower businesses to achieve more. Small to large businesses all have turned towards the cloud technologies like Microsoft Office 365 – now Microsoft 365 – to help employees connect, collaborate, create, and achieve better with productivity tools like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams.

About Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 offers best-in-class office applications with cloud services. It lets you be more productive with advanced security, device management, and powerful cloud. 
It helps employees be more productive wherever they are and get more done on virtually any device they use. 
It is designed to help you achieve more with innovative office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. Microsoft 365 has the tools you need to work anytime, anywhere, on any device. It includes the same office apps you’re familiar with but with the advantages of the cloud. Now is easy for your employees to connect with the people, information, and content they need for better collaboration. 

Get Work Done with Ease

Microsoft 365 offers you always up-to-date applications, that you’re already familiar with, on your favorite device. You can install Office apps on up to five PCs or Macs and five tablets (Android, iPad, Windows), even you can transfer the installation if you switch devices. It facilitates you with View and Edit files on Android, Windows, and iPhone with Office mobile apps.

Work Whenever You Choose  

With Microsoft 365, you get the flexibility to Work on whatever device you choose and whenever you need to. You can share files that are always accessible either online or offline, and stay in-sync with your team. There are Office apps when you need to get the work done.

Stay Focused & Productive 

You can focus on your work as Microsoft 365 takes care of the tasks of installing, updating, and syncing. Microsoft 365 does it all behind the scene, so you can focus on your business. Always updated Microsoft 365 helps you to be more productive with its latest version of Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Built-in Smart Intelligence 

Need to save time and get better results? Microsoft 365 is there with built-in assistance to help you author content, analyze data to find insights and design with confidence. Now get a professional impression in everything you do, like if you need to update resume, evaluate your budget, or create a presentation – Microsoft 365 will let you do it all like a pro.   

Anywhere Access to Files 

Work with OneDrive, a cloud hosting service that gives you access to your files anywhere. It lets you integrate with Office, also it comes pre-installed with Windows to allow you to do more with ease. You can also work offline with automatic syncing of your files to your desktop. You can work on Windows and Mac, or mobile devices with multi-platform and device support. 

Standard Security & Accessibility 

With access to your files on any platform and device, you get the work flexibility. Also, you can schedule your work hassle-free. Even, if you lose your device, you can wipe the data remotely. Cloud storage helps you regain access to your data so your work remains safe and unaffected.

Microsoft 365 to Redefine Remote Work

Know how to make Microsoft 365 work for your business and your remote workforce. Get in touch with Hello Nerds Office 365 experts on (833) 781-7732 to build a digital workspace, also learn how to effectively use Microsoft 365 for work from home.

While doing remote work, maintaining productivity and better collaboration can greatly help. Microsoft 365 is your answer to boost your WFH performance. Here, Google Meet can best serve your purpose of enhanced collaboration offering much-needed features like call scheduling, real-time captioning, screen sharing, and more. And, the best part is – it’s free (until September). So, make these powerful tools part of your WFH strategy for enhanced remote work experience.

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