User Guide for MacBook Pro Beginners

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Now that you own a MacBook, what would you do with it? Well, if you are one of those Windows users, then the transition may be overwhelming for you. Therefore, you maybe need some extra support while setting up your new Mac. Your search ends with Hello Nerds tech support services. In this blog, we give you some insights on how to start using your MacBook Pro. Our experts work day and night to make your life easier let’s start with this blog and jump into the pool of technicalities.

Most of the market is captured by Microsoft Windows. Therefore, users who choose different operating systems may find it overwhelming. Here is some basic anatomy of your brand new MacBook Pro so you can start working.

Touch ID

Not every computer comes with the Touch ID. Therefore, Apple is among the few innovative tech brands that make your life easier by adding Touch ID. You can use this feature to quickly log in to your computer with one touch. You can also use this feature for online payments.

Auto Unlock

If you are one of those productivity freaks, then you know setting up a super-strong password is one of the mandatory things. But when you have to retype every time you lock your new MacBook Pro, it is one of those frustrating experiences. Well, not anymore. If you own an Apple Watch, just bringing it in the proximity of your MacBook can do the job. You have to enable the feature before start using it.

Touch Bar

Now, you should not confuse it with the touch ID feature. All the new MacBook Pro comes with this functionality. It is an OLED panel that you can find on the top of the keyboard. It eliminates the row of function keys. The best thing about the panel is that it will change depending upon what you are using. Another premium feature about it is that it is customizable that eventually improvises your workflow.


Treat this as the favorites section on your Mac. It stores all your applications, files, and folders for quick access.

Menu Bar

You can locate this on the top of your MacBook Pro’s screen. You can access the Apple menu, system settings, application menu, computer status, Siri, etc., and so on.


Did you forget a specific application or file that you downloaded from the internet? Well, with this feature, you can quickly find it without any hassles.

Mac Application Store

Here you can find some of the best applications, games, etc., for your new MacBook. You have to create an Apple ID to make any purchase or download any content. It is a place where you find the latest updates for your Mac operating system and several other programs.

Right-Click Function

If you come from a Windows background, then you must have some confusion about the right-click function. The MacOs are not like other computers. You can control its usability by setting up the function first.


No matter if you are a dedicated Apple user or not, you must have heard of Siri at some point in your life. It will help you as your personal assistant. You can ask Siri to schedule events, set reminders, play music, search up your hard drive for files, and the list goes on.

iCloud and Continuity

The moment you set up Apple ID, you will get 5 GB of free iCloud storage. You can use it to saving all your iPhone’s data, and so on. The best feature of this iCloud and Continuity is you can start one thing on one device and then pick it up and continue on another.

Troubleshooting Mac

Troubleshooting Mac is one of the simplest tasks. Thanks to the Apple community. You can directly get help from the iMore forum as well as Apple support.


We understand setting up a new MacBook Pro is overwhelming for new users. But you do not have to worry because Hello Nerds experts are here at your disposal. You can reach out to us for tech support services, and our experts will make it happen for you. You can follow through this blog if you want to give it a shot by yourself.

In case of any suggestions or technical assistance, you can write to us. We are happy to serve you.