Top Consumer Technology Trends for 2022

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Top Consumer Technology Trends for 2022

In terms of predicting the future of technology, crystal balls have always been a tricky exercise. For every right pick, there are a dozen other flash-in-the-pan ideas that don’t translate into products that consumers actually want. The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) has reshaped the way industry does business and enhanced the capabilities of professionals like doctors, lawyers, and architects, enabling them to do new and exciting things. Furthermore, the internet’s impact on our everyday lives goes beyond improving communication with friends and family to providing smart appliances and gadgets for our homes, or simply just allowing us to enjoy watching movies, listening to music, and playing games in a more entertaining way. As we roll into 2022, the major trends in technology are already clear for consumers.


The popularity of foldable phones will increase:

We have witnessed history repeating itself many times. Remember those days when we used to have flip phones. Now, it has made its comeback into the scene again. Although this time, it comes with much better aesthetics and overall functionalities. Nowadays, foldables are a lot more powerful and capable, but so far, the market has been dominated by just a few brands. In 2022, the landscape is likely to change significantly because new entrants will offer more affordable foldable devices. Expect to see both flip-up foldables that become smaller when folded, as well as full-sized smartphones that fold outward and act as standalone tablets.


Subscription-based products will increase:


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Whether it’s streaming video through Netflix or music through Spotify, the majority of people are already familiar with subscriptions for entertainment. The most common reason most of us like it is its affordability and convenience since we don’t have to own a huge library of Blu Rays or CDs. The streaming media market is big, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can already subscribe to delivery services for a regular supply of everything from coffee to toilet paper. Consumers may be inclined to subscribe to technology because it provides them with ample choice, but software and hardware makers also like it because it provides a steady revenue stream over time. Several companies, including Adobe (with its Creative Suite) and Microsoft (with its Office 365), already making moves in this direction, and it’ll become even more common in 2022.


Increase in Metaverse popularity:

Metaverse is sure to be a big topic in 2022, as many of the basic building blocks are ready or in the process of being developed. Many manufacturers are lining up AR and VR headsets to enable you to get a sense of the metaverse, including Meta, Microsoft, and Apple, and mobile devices offer unprecedented processing power. Also, the broadband speed is getting pretty fast.


Digital devices will be much more expensive: 

Even if you decide to buy a smartphone, laptop, or tablet in 2022, it’s likely you’ll have to pay more at the register that will burn a hole in your pocket. The main reason behind the increase in the prices of these digital devices is the ongoing chip shortage because of the pandemic. On top of that, the countries suffering from droughts made it worse. It is because the majority of these chips are manufactured in these countries. The shortage of chips is giving a hard time to every tech manufacturer. They are paying way more than the actual price to get the stocks, which results in high prices of the tech items.


Ultrafast networks, including 5G: 

As opposed to being limited to premium and flagship products, 5G will become the norm for all mobile phones and other devices. As a result, services will start becoming available in higher definitions and bandwidths that include 8K streaming, cloud gaming, and virtual reality. The effect will be to make devices smaller and lighter because the calculations can be done remotely, the output will be streamed to consumer devices, and the hardware needs to become smaller and lighter.


New financial technologies, blockchain technology, and digital twins:

In terms of their application in consumer technology, these technologies are closely related, so we’ve put them all in one category. To put it in simpler terms, NFT, blockchain, and digital twins will revolutionize the way through which how we interact with technology. We can expect to see digital products and services designed to complement and augment physical consumer products as early as 2022. Consumer brands like Sony, Asics, and Coca-Cola have already signaled their intent to participate in the NFT space. As brands view growing their digital engagement as just as important as selling products, they are increasingly focusing on digital engagement to grow their business.

To Sum Up:

Those are the predictions for 2022. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. No matter what happens, Hello Nerds will be by your side to help you navigate this ever-changing world. All you have to do is just mail us, and we will be right at your service and provide you with top-notch tech assistance.