Alexa vs Google Assistant: which assistant is best for your smart home?

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If you’re considering adding a voice assistant to your home, you’re most likely curious about which one is best. Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are the two most popular voice assistants in the market, but they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. In this post, Hello Nerds will compare the two side-by-side to help you decide which one is right for your smart home.

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What is a Voice Assistant?

A voice assistant is a software system or device that may answer your commands by talking back to you. They can be used for all kinds of things, including controlling smart home devices like lights, thermostats, sprinklers and even washing machines!

How Do They Work?

Voice assistants work by using an array of sensors to detect when they’re speaking with someone—and then responding accordingly. For example: when you ask Google Assistant something like “What was the weather like today?” By looking through its internal database of weather reports from around the world, the clock will be able to ascertain what happened at noon. It’ll then create an answer based on all those reports—and then tell you what happened!

Both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have a ton of potential. They both give you voice control over your home, but they’re also different enough to warrant a comparison. I wanted to see what made each assistant better at what it does.

Alexa has more features than Google Assistant – It can do more with your voice, like set timers and alarms, read you the news, and even set up a shopping list! But it has fewer features overall. Google Assistant is more likely to get things done faster; I found myself asking for basic tasks such as “set a timer” more often than “let me read the news” or “start my day off right.”

Both assistants are reliable—They rarely needed to be told again once I got them going. The biggest difference was in how quickly they responded when I asked for something specific: Alexa required me to repeat myself once or twice whereas Google just gave me an answer immediately.

Google Assistant is the most widely available voice assistant, and it has become a very popular way to interact with your phone or PC. However, there are some features that Alexa offers that Google Assistant does not. For instance, you can set your default media service on Alexa and listen to music right from the app. You can additionally create reminders to call your daddy on Father’s Day!

In addition to these features, Alexa also has better integration with smart home devices like lights, thermostats, HVAC systems, and more.

Two features of Alexa and Google Assistant that are of particular interest are the “follow-up” mode and the fact that it is turned off by default. The “follow-up” mode allows for the voice assistant to remain active for a short period after responding to a query, which allows the user to issue another command without having to repeat the wake word. This mode is often turned off by default because it can lead to false positives

The second feature is even more interesting. Both assistants will keep talking after you stop talking—and continue doing so until you turn them off or press the mute button on your device. The difference between these assistants? Alexa is always listening for your wake word (Alexa), while Google Assistant will listen only when you say “okay” twice in rapid succession (Google).

Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Music and Podcasts

The music feature should be a strong suit of any smart assistant. In some cases, both assistants provide links to third-party music services in addition to their own company’s music services.

These are the list of the music service provider that Alexa and Google Assistant support:

Both assistants have improved their ability to find and play podcasts since our last comparison. Alexa now lets you link your Apple Podcasts account, giving tighter integration for those on iOS devices and Macs, while Google Podcasts seems to have improved. Not only did both assistants easily play the most recent episodes of both

Both assistants allow for some form of multiroom audio functionality, including grouping speakers together using only a smartphone. In addition, Alexa and Google Assistant support audio playback from a number of music services to Sono’s speakers, while Google Assistant is compatible with any Chromecast-connected speaker. Furthermore, both Google Assistant and Alexa are built into a number of high-quality smart speakers.

Alexa is slightly ahead here, due to having more integrations, one of which is with Apple Music and Apple Podcasts – the largest podcast directory available.

In conclusion,  the race was close, with Alexa just barely pulling ahead of Google Assistant due to its more robust performance in the smart home and communications arenas. But Google was still quite strong, and the fact is that both are still good options, depending on which capabilities you prioritize. For example, while both do pretty well in the case of general knowledge and extendibility if you want the broadest possible support for music and podcast services, Alexa is probably the one to pick. Alternatively, if you have a household with more than one person who wants to get their own information via a smart speaker, Google Assistant might be a better choice.

The virtual assistants from both Amazon and Google are receiving frequent updates with new features and capabilities, so there is always something new to explore.

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