Wi-Fi 6 :Why it Matters to Make All the Difference

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wifi 6

The time has been changing and bringing new technologies to further facilitate the living, working, and everything in between. The latest in the list is WiFi 6 that is the evolution of existing WiFi standards. This advancement in bandwidth speed was necessary to uplift users’ experience of online gaming, entertainment, shopping, and study, to name a few. To give more strength to the internet revolution, AX-WiFi – another naming convention of WiFi 6, based on its standard 802.11ax – is all set to take your internet uses to a new high. 

Why WiFi 6 is the Next Level Internet  

You can expect better spontaneous speed even in a congested area as the advanced internet version comes powered with BSS color – a method by which it can recognize signals transmitting from other devices, it gives each signal different color and identifies it just to ignore and reach directly to the designated device(s) without interruption and delay, so the user can enjoy seamless speedy internet uses all the time.

Wider Coverage and Penetration Ratio

Higher subcarriers in WiFi 6 (1000+) than its previous counterpart (WiFi 5, 256+) keeps is its bandwidth speedy and unaffected for your spontaneous multimedia experience across your smart devices at home, even for your workload at the office. Its bandwidth has wider channels (160mhz), almost double of its predecessor (WiFi5, 80mhz) to support 8k videos, large file download/upload, and without buffering internet performance. 

Latency will Now be the Past Thing 

The modern WiFi standard utilizes OFDMA technology (Orthogonal Frequency Distribution Multiple Access) that defines obstruction-free signal transmission to the designated device(s). To get it better – think a delivery van carrying signals as a packet to deliver it to a device but with OFDMA same truck could be able to deliver multiple packets of signals to multiple devices simultaneously. This ensures seamless and fast internet speed both for download and upload. 

More Connected Devices at Home, or Office

Unlike traditional MU-MIMO (multiple users – multiple inputs multiple outputs) in WiFi 5 where several users can access the bandwidth without any decrease in speed except the speed may affect when they simultaneously respond, WiFi 6 excels with 8×8 MU-MIMO where users can enjoy spotless internet speed with 8 bandwidth streams allowing seamless upload and download for any data-heavy tasks you do at home or work. 

Less Power Consumption, More Battery Life 

AX WiFi can sense when your smart device is using the bandwidth and when it is not while performing a task. Like, when you make a voice call and talk, WiFi 6 can sense that it is not a bandwidth-based task and turn off the WiFi of your smart device for longer battery-run. Also, WiFi 6 can sense that when it has to turn on the internet to allow the smart device to do the web-based activity. Think, it can make the IoT devices run longer due to their limited battery life.

Certification for 802.11ax has begun since September 2019 and the hardware to support this advanced internet standard is being manufactured – iPhone 11, for example, has WiFi 6 support. 

Instead of confusing 802.11ax, as simple as WiFi 6 has been adopted for this new internet evolution, and it’ll soon show as digit “6” along with the internet radio signal on your smart devices. 

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